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2014 Mazda6 to spawn coupe and Mazdaspeed variants?

Published by Mazda Blogs on October 29th, 2012

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Mazda6 Sedan - gray, front three-quarter view

Word has it Mazda may be mulling a return to the coupe market with a two-door version of its shapely new Mazda6. Auto Express cites unnamed sources as saying the car will bow at the Moscow Motor Show next year and will likely feature the 2.2-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder engine found in the sedan. Good for 173 horsepower, that mill can hustle the four-door to 60 mph in under 7.8 seconds. But Mazda may also turn out a quicker MPS trim (read: Mazdaspeed) when it comes to the coupe, complete with a turbocharged gasoline four cylinder with upwards of 260 hp.

According to the report, there’s also some indication the MPS version of the coupe will bow with an all-wheel drive system borrowed from the CX-5 crossover. Both products share basic architecture, theoretically making it easier to swap parts between the two. Auto Express says the two door could bow as early as 2014 with the high-performance variant following along shortly thereafter. Stay tuned.

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Mazda working on range-extended, rotary-powered vehicle

Published by Mazda Blogs on August 30th, 2012

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The Moscow Motor Show may be hotter than we previously though. Right on the heels of the debut of the next Mazda6, the Japanese automaker has revealed that it will continue to develop rotary engines and is also working on a range-extended vehicle.

When word came that the RX-8 would drive off to the big salvage yard in the sky, it was feared that it would spell the end for the stupendously high-revving mill, but Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi stated that the company will “continue to explore ways to improve the fuel efficiency and capabilities of the rotary engine so it can be the primary source of power again.” That sounds very promising, coming form Yamanouchi, who said that interest in the rotary motivated his decision to come work for the automaker in 1967.

Part of the equation to maximize the potential of the rotary is to incorporate range-extending technology. Sure, Mazda’s rotary engines loves to play with its RPMs in the stratosphere, the company knows this mill is most efficient at about 2000 rpm. Starting and stopping require a good amount of energy to change the momentum of the Reuleaux triangle-shaped rotor. Range extenders would keep the rotor spinning at that ideal 2000 rpm while idling.

Rotary fans will hopefully rejoice at the idea of the Wankel mill continuing on for some time. Anyone worried about the engine’s fate will appreciate word that as long as Yamanouchi works for Mazda, research into the uses of the rotary will continue.

Mazda working on range-extended, rotary-powered vehicle originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 30 Aug 2012 13:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.


2014 Mazda6 finally breaks cover in Moscow

Published by Mazda Blogs on August 28th, 2012

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2014 Mazda6 - front three-quarter view

Mazda has made the unusual choice of selecting the Moscow Motor Show to unveil its all-new 2014 Mazda6. The mid-size sedan looks very sharp, and powered by the Japanese automaker’s latest line of Skyactiv engines, it ought to be efficient and solid to drive, as well.

Visually, the Mazda6 is the company’s latest expression of their Kodo (“Soul of Motion”) design language and draws heavily from the company’s well-received 2011 Takeri showcar. A widened, stretched version of Mazda’s five-point grille is employed and it’s perhaps the most attractive version of that design element to date. The grille is connected to the LED headlights via shiny bits, a design tactic reminiscent of the new BMW 3 Series.

According to chief designer Akira Tamatani, “We have created a design in which the wild and dynamic expressions of motion artistically realize a powerful presence.” The color seen here is called Soul Red, and was enveloped by Mazda to accentuate the shapes of the new 6.

Inside, the layout is a clean and straightforward one, which has become a hallmark of Mazda cabin design. The cabin is highlighted by a color-matched interior accent panel. A trained eye will even notice a rotary selector to control the navigation system,

2014 Mazda6 wagon rolls up on video

Published by Mazda Blogs on August 6th, 2012

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Mazda taped the ceremony commemorating production of the 2014 Mazda6 at its Hofu No. 2 plant in Japan, and now we have it. There are a few dark glimpses of the Euro-spec Mazda6 wagon as a couple of them roll out and do loops for the factory workers, but the cameras don’t spend a lot of time on the car. A more well-lit demonstration will likely be seen at the Moscow Motor Show later this month.

The 14-minute video is in Japanese, so once you’re finished watching the car you can enjoy the executive speeches, and it ends with a cheer by the workers. Check it out below.

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2014 Mazda6 wagon rolls up on video originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 06 Aug 2012 14:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.


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