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Can a hopped-up Miata take on the Porsche Boxster?

Published by Mazda Blogs on September 3rd, 2014

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Mazda MX-5 vs Porsche Boxster

As long as there have been used cars, there has been this question: are you better off buying a new vehicle, or picking up a used offering and making a few aftermarket modifications? While the answer is far from clear, Auto Express has put together a video that will attempt to well and truly put the argument to bed… or at least add fuel to the fire.

Using a 16-year-old, second-generation Mazda MX-5, the AE team has set itself a modification and improvement budget of 5,000 pounds (about $8,200 at today’s rates). Without crossing that threshold, the MX-5 will need to be upgraded to the point that it will be able to turn a quicker lap time than a brand-new Porsche Boxster (which is not a Boxster S).

Now, this is only the first part of a series, and covers the upgrades to the old NB. AE will be delivering a dedicated track battle video between the MX-5 and the Porsche soon. You can bet we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of that one.

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This is how you set your V8 Miata on fire in your garage

Published by Mazda Blogs on April 30th, 2013

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V8 Miata on fire video

We were never all that great at math, but we can tell you that Miata + V8 = awesome. That even applies to heavy cast-iron small block Chevrolet V8s with carburetors instead of fuel injection. But as one aspiring wrench recently found out, even the most sound of formulas can lead to disaster when you start throwing in unknown variables. Variables like a leaky fuel system. The gentleman in the video below seems keen on firing up his partially installed Chevrolet engine using a jug of fuel and a remote starter, but disaster strikes when things suddenly go all flamb

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